29 October 2011

last day.

the day has come. the last day for this module. 

for this day, no lesson though but practice and consultation with ms. mikee.

at first i wanted to do audibiche again but decided not to stress myself and do whatever.

my model today is my neighbor kim.

kim before

i asked her what she wants me to do for her makeup. and she answered "kahit ano! (whatever)"

so i grabbed my makeup brushes and do just what my gut tells me to do.

and voila!

27 October 2011

maquillage professionnel day 12: evantrail eyes

evantrail (a-van-try) eyes is another type of french makeup that is often used in stage or runway.

the idea is to use three colors and create a fan shape on the eyes. 

pretty much like last summer's trend color blocking.

ms. mikee's evantrail

26 October 2011

maquillage professionnel day 11: audibiche eyes

today's lesson is an introduction to high fashion makeup.

audibiche (o-di-bish) is a french makeup style inspired by bridgette bardot from the '60s.

eyes should be intense and dramatic. 

the focal point of this look is the liner. we have recreate the doe eye/fish tail for the liner.

sounds hard? hell yeah!

i love ms. mikee's work. she used diamond powder more a more dramatic look.

so here's my peg for today.  

hoping i'll achieve this *fingers crossed*

24 October 2011

maquillage professionnel day 10: bridal makeup (night)

gosh how time flies! it's day 10 already. 3 more days then classes are over. :(

today's lesson is about bridal makeup for night. we were taught the arabian style of doing the bridal makeup.

the defining point of this style is the flicked eyeliner in the upper lash line.

you can also use other colors and not just neutrals for the eyeshadow. 

ms. mikee's model, joan
my model today is alyssa. i also used her as a model here.

alyssa before

i want her eyeshadow to be colorful so i used this picture as peg.

image grabbed from the net

21 October 2011

maquillage professionnel day 9: bridal makeup (day)

class picture first before lesson :)

i think this look is very similar to the day look.

we had to keep the bride looking fresh and blooming.

we had to use light and bright colors (although a little color wouldn't hurt)

ms. mikee's model "daisy"
this look is more about showing the bride's face. 

highlight her features and cover (if there's any) chismis.

make sure that the makeup shouldn't make the bride a whole different person. :)

19 October 2011

happy birthday bessie! :)

my best friend is living in germany now with her husband.

it's been a year since i saw her and we don't always get to talk that much anymore.

and i miss her so much.

to my shopping buddy, co-makeup junkie (she introduced me to makeup), my best friend forever, my sister from another mother.

favorite photo :)

picture from her last visit

airport :(

ice skating in moa

her birthday 2006

her graduation

her graduation 2

her birthday 2007

happy birthday bessie!

i miss and love you so much!


oshie :)

maquillage professionnel day 8: makeup for colored photography

ms. mikee's model joan

paying attention on the demo

today's lesson was so fun because we get to play with colors! :)

i searched for the perfect peg on the net that incorporates my favorite colors: pink, purple and blue.

so this is my peg for today: 

photo grabbed from tumblr

maquillage professionnel day 7: makeup for black & white photography

sir mio's model joan

i really loved today's lesson.

it is more challenging than the other lessons because in order to achieve the perfect look you have to define all the lines (eye liners, eye brows, contour, etc.).

foundation should be matte finish with full coverage.

for an illusion of having deep red lips use black or dark blue lipstick. coolness! :)

for a natural look use pink lipstick.

so here's what it looks like in black & white then compared on what it looks like in real life :)

16 October 2011

maquillage professionnel day 6: the smokey eye

i am so excited for today's lesson because 1. my model for the day is my good friend grace whom i haven't seen for a long time and 2. i love doing the smokey eye. :)

so okay a little background, smokey eye started in the 1920s or the flapper era.

you can use 1 shade of eyeshadow on doing the smokey eye and you have to blend really well in order to get the perfect smokey.

smokey is not limited to the colors black, grey or brown. you can use bright colors for this kind of makeup. :)

there are 4 different types of smokey: triangular, square, round and the classic.

sir mio during the demo

sir mio's smokey eye

my turn! my turn! :)

14 October 2011

maquillage professionnel day 5: maquillage du soir (night makeup)

day 5 of makeup school.

our teacher for today is mio robo. i love how he applies makeup. his color choices are the best! :)

our instructor mio robo

for the night makeup eyes should be intense, dramatic and has an impact.

foundation should have full coverage with matte finish.

you can also play up with the eyes by using false eyelashes, star powder (which i love!) or other artistic products. :)

13 October 2011

maquillage professionnel day 4: maquillage du jour (day makeup)

day makeup should enhance the facial features of a person.

use neutral colors for the eyes, cheeks and lips. (eg. vanilla, egg shell, brule, browns, light pinks, espresso, taupe, etc.)

foundation and concealer should be sheer.

considerations for this kind of makeup are the following:
HUE- the true identity of the color.
INTENSITY - the brightness or dullness of the color
VALUE - lightness or darkness of the color

ms. mikee's model joan for the day makeup

so now it's my turn to recreate the look.

my model joan before

12 October 2011

maquillage professionnel day 3: facial balance, eye & lip shade correction

day 3 of my makeup class. :)

there are 2 eye makeup techniques: the open and closed banana.
open banana is used to make eyes bigger.
and closed banana is used to make eyes smaller.

left open banana. right closed banana

we can achieve the perfect lip shape using lip corrector, foundation, powder and lip liner.

to correct small lips, just follow the following steps:
1. erase the lip line using the lip corrector then cover the lips with foundation and powder. 
2. line the lips a little outside the original line using the lip liner that is the same color as the lipstick that you are going to use. 
3. put on your lipstick. 

for big lips,  also follow step 1.
2. line your lips a little inside the original line using the lip liner.
3. put on your lipstick.

ms. mikee showed us how to correct the lips 

maquillage profesionnel class day 2: facial shape & eyebrow correction

class picture

for day 2 of classes we learned about contouring and eyebrow correction. 

contour and highlight should be applied after setting your base. 

but if you are using wet products for contouring you should apply it before you set the base with loose powder. 

ms. mikee also taught us how to correct and shape the eyebrows. i am loving the eyebrow corrector from make up forever. 

joan before
so for this session we were asked to do 2 kinds of contouring (wet and dry).

11 October 2011

maquillage profesionnel class day 1: introduction and application of base

am so excited to start this class on modern academy. maquillage profesionnel is under make up forever. and we only use this brand during class.

ahh! the make up! :)

day 1 is all about the basics. primer, corrector, concealer and foundation.

ms. mikee (who used to be from mac) is our teacher. she introduced us the different kinds of primers, correctors, concealers and foundation and its uses.

ms. mikee with model joan

my model for the day is joan. she has an even face so i only used the purple primer to neutralize the color of her face.

an orange corrector  to lessen her dark circles under the eye (which is very minimal by the way).  
and i used the HD for her foundation which has a sheer effect on her skin. 

used liquid lift concealer on her under eye, top it with loose powder.

and voila!

my model joan before and after


our class is such a happy group. since we were only four, it is easier to get to know everyone and remember all their names too! (remembering people's names is not my talent. teehee.)



i thought my name is unique. it's the first time that i met a girl with the same name that i have.

everybody meet the other osh! :)

osh duo

more new friends pictures :)

i must say, this is a great start to a new chapter of my life. 

cheers! :)

07 October 2011

about me.

hi! i'm osh medina. i'm new to this thing and would like to check it out.

i used to be a line producer but now i'm studying makeup artistry at maquillage proffesionel. hopefully i'll be a makeup artist in the future (keeping my fingers crossed). 

i'm a makeup and bag lover.

i love watching movies and tv series. 

i looooooove coke light and can't go on a day without a glass or more. teehee.

(photo grabbed from the net)

so here's to a good start. and join me in my adventures, rants, raves and everything in between.

cheers! :)