12 October 2011

maquillage profesionnel class day 2: facial shape & eyebrow correction

class picture

for day 2 of classes we learned about contouring and eyebrow correction. 

contour and highlight should be applied after setting your base. 

but if you are using wet products for contouring you should apply it before you set the base with loose powder. 

ms. mikee also taught us how to correct and shape the eyebrows. i am loving the eyebrow corrector from make up forever. 

joan before
so for this session we were asked to do 2 kinds of contouring (wet and dry).

this is what i did.

first wet contour.

wet contour
and then dry contour.

dry contour
i looooove mufe's sculpting kit. :)

so after fixing joan's eyebrows (which needs very minimal correction)

here is the end result...

what do you guys think?

maay and her model
osh and her model

me and my model joan


Osh and I wore matching colors today :)

joan before and after
what do you guys think? would like to know your thoughts.

cheers! :)


MSY said...

what do i think? i think i need help with my eyebrows! :D

osh said...

let's go! ayusin natin eyebrows mo :)

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