26 October 2011

maquillage professionnel day 11: audibiche eyes

today's lesson is an introduction to high fashion makeup.

audibiche (o-di-bish) is a french makeup style inspired by bridgette bardot from the '60s.

eyes should be intense and dramatic. 

the focal point of this look is the liner. we have recreate the doe eye/fish tail for the liner.

sounds hard? hell yeah!

i love ms. mikee's work. she used diamond powder more a more dramatic look.

so here's my peg for today.  

hoping i'll achieve this *fingers crossed*

my model for today is my housemate D's girlfriend, camille. :)

camille before

honestly i was having a hard time with the flick and achieving the fish tail liner.
but after a few attempts, voila!

presenting camille with lia and tine :)

the models

photo's of kat's model lia. lia is also kat's model here.

i didn't get the chance to take photos of osh's work on tine.
becuase tine erased the makeup right away :)

photoshoot for camille's blog.

cams you look like michelle phan here :)

my favorite set :)

photos of me and camille.

pardon the harassed look :)

what do you guys think? :)


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