27 October 2011

maquillage professionnel day 12: evantrail eyes

evantrail (a-van-try) eyes is another type of french makeup that is often used in stage or runway.

the idea is to use three colors and create a fan shape on the eyes. 

pretty much like last summer's trend color blocking.

ms. mikee's evantrail

today's model is kale. she might look familiar because i used her as a model here.

kale before

today's lesson and so fun and exciting. 

since i know that kale will be my model today i looked for colors that will suit her.

bright, sweet, fun.

i opted to look for clothes with color blocking theme as my peg. 

*photo grabbed from the net

let the fun begin! :)

we were only three in class today (kat, osh and i) since ingrid have to do wife duties and maay have to do mommy duties.

the class is so quiet that day.

we missed you maay and ingrid!

the result? :)

eye closeup. i love it! :)
her eye color reminds me of cotton candy and snow cones.

kale with kat and osh's models :)

kale and i :)

kat and model, kale and i :)

sorry for the super photo heavy blog post. :)

what do you think?



MSY said...

nice work! fun and flirty makeup!

yehey! you're making your dream come true! happy for you :)

- michiko

osh said...

thanks mich! yay!
i was reading your blog and i thought of what i said in vietnam.

maging makeup artist nga! :)

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