12 October 2011

maquillage professionnel day 3: facial balance, eye & lip shade correction

day 3 of my makeup class. :)

there are 2 eye makeup techniques: the open and closed banana.
open banana is used to make eyes bigger.
and closed banana is used to make eyes smaller.

left open banana. right closed banana

we can achieve the perfect lip shape using lip corrector, foundation, powder and lip liner.

to correct small lips, just follow the following steps:
1. erase the lip line using the lip corrector then cover the lips with foundation and powder. 
2. line the lips a little outside the original line using the lip liner that is the same color as the lipstick that you are going to use. 
3. put on your lipstick. 

for big lips,  also follow step 1.
2. line your lips a little inside the original line using the lip liner.
3. put on your lipstick.

ms. mikee showed us how to correct the lips 

so now it is my turn to do it.

my model before

i recreated both the open and closed banana for the eyes.
for her lips, i just made it a little bigger than her original lips.

open and closed banana :)

well i tried. teehee. :)
i really need to practice more.

end result

my model before and after

pictures while the lecture:

we have a new classmate!
from left: osh, kat, ingrid, maay
osh goofing around
me and my model :)
so what do you guys think? i want to know.

cheers! :)


piareyesweddings said...

so proud of you osh!! :) mabuhay ang mga beautician hahaha!!

osh said...

thanks pia! mabuhay!!! :D

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