05 January 2014


it was an awesome experience to work in a tv production. and to work with kids, it's as if you're not working at all.

below are a few behind the scenes pictures from the show.

ipanema fashion show

super late post.

30 December 2013

PDA naman dyan!

grooming for Ramon Bautista by yours truly. hair by mors alvarez.

here are a few behind the scenes photos.

PDA! paglambing na di awkward.

10 November 2013

yuan+fran wedding

this couple is very close to my heart.
from planning the proposal - to proposal - to planning the wedding - to the wedding day i was with them.
so when fran asked me to do her makeup for her wedding, of course i couldn't say no.

here are a few behind the scenes pictures during the preparation. :)

28 August 2013

this is my dole!

did the grooming for chef jeremy favia, jon avila and phil younghusband.

it was a short and fun shoot. never a dull moment.

below is the print ad:

04 August 2013

propan tlc mini experts

 it was nice working with these kids again. although a little noisy in the dressing room, it was fun nonetheless.

here are a few behind the scenes pictures:

director borgy and asst. director marvel giving directions to the talent


here's the commercial. enjoy! :)