29 October 2011

last day.

the day has come. the last day for this module. 

for this day, no lesson though but practice and consultation with ms. mikee.

at first i wanted to do audibiche again but decided not to stress myself and do whatever.

my model today is my neighbor kim.

kim before

i asked her what she wants me to do for her makeup. and she answered "kahit ano! (whatever)"

so i grabbed my makeup brushes and do just what my gut tells me to do.

and voila!

i used yellow, blue and purple for her eyeshadow

kim and me :)

before and after :)

as for my evaluation? ms. mikee said that my strengths are beauty, bridal and even high fashion makeup. pretty much everything. i can pursue any path. coolness! :)

and my weakness? time. i take my time when i apply makeup. im oc with the details. she said that i can still do that but try to be a little faster. yeah i'll try to do that. :)

after the class we headed to eastwood for dinner and bonding over karaoke. :)

l-r maay, kat, ingrid, me and osh

i'll miss you girls! 'til our next bonding time. :)



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