24 October 2011

maquillage professionnel day 10: bridal makeup (night)

gosh how time flies! it's day 10 already. 3 more days then classes are over. :(

today's lesson is about bridal makeup for night. we were taught the arabian style of doing the bridal makeup.

the defining point of this style is the flicked eyeliner in the upper lash line.

you can also use other colors and not just neutrals for the eyeshadow. 

ms. mikee's model, joan
my model today is alyssa. i also used her as a model here.

alyssa before

i want her eyeshadow to be colorful so i used this picture as peg.

image grabbed from the net

hopefully i can achieve this. :)

my super messy station :)
first, i'll show you other osh and kat's works :)

osh and her model
i looooooove lia's face. i have nose envy!!!

ps. guys she's single and looking!

lia and kat
so here's my work :)

alyssa after :)

me and my model alyssa :)

and since it is still not dark outside, i took the opportunity to take more shots of alyssa. :)

what do you think? 


ingrid and i wore matching outfits today.

"great minds think alike." photo and caption from kat. :)


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