19 October 2011

maquillage professionnel day 8: makeup for colored photography

ms. mikee's model joan

paying attention on the demo

today's lesson was so fun because we get to play with colors! :)

i searched for the perfect peg on the net that incorporates my favorite colors: pink, purple and blue.

so this is my peg for today: 

photo grabbed from tumblr

my model for today is kale. she's a student and a part-time model. coolness! :)

kale before

at first, i didn't know how to achieve the look but once i put on the first color i was inspired. and i really like to be as close to the peg as i can.

well i tried.

here's the result:

kale after :)

we also had a photo shoot then evaluation.

more photos of kale :)

me and kale :)


my favorite picture :)
what do you guys think? :)


mensajes claro said...

Se ve muy guapa.

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