21 October 2011

maquillage professionnel day 9: bridal makeup (day)

class picture first before lesson :)

i think this look is very similar to the day look.

we had to keep the bride looking fresh and blooming.

we had to use light and bright colors (although a little color wouldn't hurt)

ms. mikee's model "daisy"
this look is more about showing the bride's face. 

highlight her features and cover (if there's any) chismis.

make sure that the makeup shouldn't make the bride a whole different person. :)

so here are my classmates' works :)

osh's sister
ingrid's friend
kat brought veil as props and ms. mikee got some flowers from the karaoke bar next door which opened a few days before. :)

kat's friend

today's model is my officemate hannah's friend (thanks mare for the help!)

i love lady's skin. no blemishes! so it's not hard to make her look blooming.

i forgot to take her picture before i did her makeup.

so here's what i did.

me and lady :)

gosh! she's so tall!
what do you guys think? :)

with flash
without flash


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