11 October 2011

maquillage profesionnel class day 1: introduction and application of base

am so excited to start this class on modern academy. maquillage profesionnel is under make up forever. and we only use this brand during class.

ahh! the make up! :)

day 1 is all about the basics. primer, corrector, concealer and foundation.

ms. mikee (who used to be from mac) is our teacher. she introduced us the different kinds of primers, correctors, concealers and foundation and its uses.

ms. mikee with model joan

my model for the day is joan. she has an even face so i only used the purple primer to neutralize the color of her face.

an orange corrector  to lessen her dark circles under the eye (which is very minimal by the way).  
and i used the HD for her foundation which has a sheer effect on her skin. 

used liquid lift concealer on her under eye, top it with loose powder.

and voila!

my model joan before and after


our class is such a happy group. since we were only four, it is easier to get to know everyone and remember all their names too! (remembering people's names is not my talent. teehee.)



i thought my name is unique. it's the first time that i met a girl with the same name that i have.

everybody meet the other osh! :)

osh duo

more new friends pictures :)

i must say, this is a great start to a new chapter of my life. 

cheers! :)


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