14 October 2011

maquillage professionnel day 5: maquillage du soir (night makeup)

day 5 of makeup school.

our teacher for today is mio robo. i love how he applies makeup. his color choices are the best! :)

our instructor mio robo

for the night makeup eyes should be intense, dramatic and has an impact.

foundation should have full coverage with matte finish.

you can also play up with the eyes by using false eyelashes, star powder (which i love!) or other artistic products. :)

my college barkada jen was supposed to be my model for the day. unfortunately, she had an  emergency so she had to cancel.

it's a good thing that i got a model from modern academy.

while waiting for my model to arrive, i took my classmates' busy shots. teehee.

meet gerald, the guy who gives us our supplies. :)

gerald aka. vandolph

so it's my time to recreate the look.

my model before

i used a pink, purple and black for her eyeshadow 

before and after

my classmates' works :)
doc kat's :)

osh's cousin tine
what do you guys think? :)


paderewski said...

hi osh, interesting blog ;-) congrats on pursuing a dream, i also want to go into makeup class :-) just an advice on your photos, try not to shoot on a wide angle. it distorts your models faces :-) when you take photos, try to zoom in a bit (50mm up). im not sure what camera you are using but even with a point-and-shoot camera, you can get better results if you step back and zoom in instead of coming up close and shooting on the widest setting on your camera. i swear your photos will look better and will highlight the makeup work you're doing and flatter your model's face ;-) cheers and keep on rockin'

osh said...

hi ben! thanks for the advice. will try that next time :)
i'm using a lumix gf1 camera with 14-45 lens. :)

cheers! :)

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