30 April 2012

of being 12 year old again.

it all started with this.

i was giddy when i saw this tweet. :)
the 12-year old me got kilig. i told myself that i won't let this concert pass. 
and i promise myself that i'll get the VIP seats so that i will be close to taylor. <3

the concert is scheduled on march 30, b's birthday. unfortunately.
but as i said, i won't let this concert pass. so i asked her (begged actually) for her to accompany me to the concert. and she said yes! yay! :)

so here are a couple of pictures that i took during the concert.

enjoy! :)

super simple stage set-up

taylor my love <3

 hello there isaac :)

 more taylor pictures <3
 and then he started jumping on the stage :)

happy birthday b! :)

with my good friend gatch
fellow hanson fanatic sandy. miss you mamasands!

went home with these goodies! <3

  it really was a fun night. :)


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