15 December 2011

mr. & mrs. engineer lagman's wedding

mr. & mrs. engineer lagman

on a rainy wednesday afternoon my friends and i went to laguna to attend an event. 
an event that we cannot miss for the whole world. the wedding of our friend ian.
ian is my choirmate in don bosco church. i've known him for almost 10 years. 
our group is a very close one. we laughed together, cried together, looked crazy together.

mass was presided by fr. nesty impellido

it is so weird to see your friend getting married. my friend aries told me that some years ago, we attended debuts and now, we are attending a wedding. are we getting old? is it time to move on with our lives? 

of course not. even though we have our own lives now, some may be out of the country, some may have a family, some may be busy with work, our closeness have never changed. we are closer than ever.

scroll down for more pictures :)

the groom

 ian, jing and i 

the bride with her parents


 i did the makeup for jing and myself :)

couldn't help but pose in the bridal car :)

 father & daughter dance

 first dance 

 mae (ian's sister) singing during the first dance :)

best man's speech

cheers! :)

 the newlyweds :)

i cried during the newlywed's speech. 

manel thanked ian's parents for raising such a perfect man. the perfect man that she waited her whole life. 

she also thanked angelicum for accepting her. who wouldn't love her? she's such a quiet but funny, sweet and nice girl. perfect for ian. :)

so cheers to the newlyweds! 

i wish you a long and lasting relationship full of love and laughter.

remember that we are always here for you.

love you both! :)


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