19 November 2011


i first read jamba juice through my friend richiez's blog. he said that he had amazing time and this got me curious.

last night, i met up with friends there before going to my condo. :)

i'm excited :)

since it's a friday night in BHS, when i got to the place the line is long. but thanks to the super friendly and fast crew, i placed my order in just 10 mins :)

i ordered the mega mango since i super love mango. juice, shake, fruit. name it, i love it! :) 

mega mango consists of mangoes, strawberries, orange juice and pineapple juice.

when i got my order i was surprised to see that my order is color orange considering that my drink is mega MANGO (which is yellow). 

my mega mango on the right.
the amount of drinks is inconsistent.
comparison: both drinks are the same size.
true enough, my drink tastes like orange and pineapple and i couldn't find the taste of mango anywhere. my friends even laughed when they saw my face when i drank. 

jamba juice offers a "Goodness Guarantee" (you can change your drink if you're not happy with it). so my friends urged me to go inside and ask to change my drink which i did.

i asked them to add a little mango on my drink because i couldn't taste it. which they happily did. thank you friendly crew of jamba juice! :)  

unfortunately, i still didn't like what they gave me the second time. i don't want to go back to ask for another drink, so i just let it go.

my friends loved their orders though :)

lou with her protein berry workout and spinach 'n cheese wrap
pj with his protein berry workout

gervin with his chocolate moo

maybe it is just me or i didn't ordered right, but i'm willing to try jamba juice again and order a different drink.

l-r: gervin, me, pj and lou.
not in photo: meg
so see you again jamba juice. :)



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